Clinical Trials

The time and cost to develop new drug therapies is significant, with less than 1 in 10 drugs making it to market. The ability to quickly identify promising—or problematic—aspects of new therapies is a critical factor in reducing the time to develop a new drug and in increasing the probability of the drug’s success throughout its clinical trial phases.

AlphaVision® is ideally situated to help you make better decisions, faster.

See Everything. Miss Nothing.

3D visual analytics allow you to see more data and understand it more effectively than ever before.

Quickly identify how your trial protocol compares to market protocols or control therapies. Filter to understand the effect of patient demographics on effectiveness. View trends across all trial participants or drill down to view individual patient data.

AlphaVision® leverage’s the brain’s powerful pattern recognition ability. Your eye can detect subtle changes in data when it is presented as 3D geometry using color and motion. You will quickly see through your complex data and identify patterns and anomalies, which will lead you to asking the right questions—questions you may never have anticipated or identified using traditional data analysis models.

Instantly toggle between composite view and seeing every subject individually. Drill down to details about a specific subject.

Access More Data in Less Time

Import all the data you need for effective analysis of your clinical trial, including patient information, demographics, current and previous trial results, existing drug therapy statistics, and hospital and administrative data.

With AlphaVision® allowing you to analyze more data, faster than ever before, you can quickly identify actionable trends in the data and make appropriate adjustments to your research and development. Spend less time pursuing ineffective therapies and more time leveraging your increased understanding of the drug’s effects to develop a successful formula.

See the population distribution and immediately flag subjects. Drill down to view their lab work history.