AlphaVision® Landscapes are an intuitive and efficient interface to large, moving data for industries where it is critical to turn data into actionable information. Monitoring, analyzing, and ad hoc discovery has never been faster or easier.

Aqumin’s 3D Landscape technology was created to enable users to interpret massive data sets visually so they can spot relational patterns instantly and take action. This visual data exploration environment is used for monitoring, alerting, and exploring large, moving data. It enables users to connect to multiple data sources (real time and static) and create interactive visual data landscapes.

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Ask Questions

Create interactive Landscapes that depict thousands of patients. Simultaneously compare five different variables. Adjust parameters on the fly, gaining new insight into your data as quickly as you can ask questions.

Get Instant Answers

Display and interact with hundreds of thousands of entities, instantly. With all your data at your fingertips, you can rapidly create and modify your views and receive instant answers.

See Your Data

3D rendering brings the depth of your data to life in new ways. Instantly identify trends and anomalies in larger, more complex data Landscapes than any 2D analysis tool can provide.

Fully Interactive

Drill up and down through data layers. Zoom, pan, rotate, and tilt landscapes to see your data in a new dimension.

Multiple Data Sources

Import patient and clinical data from multiple sources, including multiple SAS datasets and real-time feeds.

Rule Based Alerting

Define rules to create custom alerts so you never miss a critical data point again.

"I don't have to be a data expert to interact with my data and understand what I am seeing. I can analyze my results as soon as they come in."